I make my current sculptures primarily of steel and wood; often concealed beneath a vibrant layer of spray paint, wax pastel, oil stick or encaustic. I embrace the challenge of using multiple mediums and find inspiration in the different characteristics that various materials have to offer. Each material has inherent content. Metal is cold and hard. Wood is warm and organic. Clay is malleable, then fragile. I select each material understanding the way it will interact with the others and incorporate their strengths into each design. Materiality and craftsmanship are the physical foundation my sculptures are built upon.

The sculptures are at their strongest when they entice the viewer to interact. Each sculpture is dynamic; parts move, pull apart or rearrange to reward the viewer’s curiosity. Like children’s toys or print advertising, I use bright colors to attract attention. These vivid surfaces conceal the underlying materials, creating an extra layer of intrigue, while contrasting any surfaces left raw. The viewer can enjoy each piece visually, but gains additional understanding through actual physical interaction.

Inspiration is often domestic with a variety of objects continually influencing my work. Many current references are to tools or jewelry; with additional inspiration coming from clothing, armor and simple machines. The presence of something familiar enables the viewer to apply personal memories to the piece, while a change in scale, color or texture keep the mind open to additional ideas of balance, problem solving and, above all, playfulness.